Ranch Amadeus

Summer - Valentová,Slovakia

   Ranch Amadeus is sitauted in a beautiful part of central Slovakia in the region called Turiec. It is a part of the small village of Valentova, that is 12 km that is 12 km south of the town Martin.

okolie   There are fine opportunities for hiking and biking in the surrounding beautiful mountains called Velka and Mala Fatra

   A nearby river,the Turiec offers good possibilities for fishing and rafting.




   For biking we offer you 27 valley around the Ranch.. Caves tour - Harmanec,Dobsinska ladova and Thermal pools - relaxing in out - door pools surrounded by white mountains. It is simply in Besenova,Rajec or Tatralandia.




winter - sightings

   Ski centers in Jasenska, Valcianska Valley and in Martinske Hole have unusually good skiing conditions during the winter. 

Martinské hole   When you visit Ranch Amadeus, you can see hundreds of deer in a nearby animal preserve.








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